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Father to gay son note


I have come across the cutest note ever given by a parent to a son. A father overhears his son on the phone with his boyfriend talking about planning to coming out to him. He writes him a cheeky note telling him to plan on bringing OJ after class instead and that he’s know for a while now. I felt my heart melt reading this and specially the cute little P.S. at the end.

In other news, prominent Republican Senator from the state Ohio has come out in support of gay marriage after learning that his son is gay. Senator Rob Portman I support your change of heart and hope you may set an example for your party. Now let’s hope my state considers a change for the better!

Perks of Being a Wallflower

ImageIt’s been a long time since I’ve gotten back on here and I regret not being able to write as often. Still, the other day I watched The Perks of Being A Wallflower and found myself wondering what had become of all those cute summer books and all those coming of age films I use to love to write about. The book itself was a wonderful little read that I borrowed from my little sister who has seemed to pick up my same habit in reading for pleasure. I know we are a bit nerdy that way but trust me sometimes a good read will enlighten you in so many surprising ways. Either way this book was so touching and sincere that when I found out Logan Lerman and Emma Watson where going to star in the film I was ecstatic. I’ve had such a longtime crush on Logan for a while now and have been collecting all his films like Meet Bill and My One and Only. Emma Watson herself has blossomed into quite an actress. Watching Charlie  played by Lerman go trough high school and feel so vulnerable and shy was something that hit close to home. Sill, I almost felt a bit of regret at not being able to enjoy my high school as much as as I could have. It all went by so fast and I went about trying hard to not be noticed and it wasn’t till college that I actually found myself. Ezra Miller, who played Patrick in the film actually stole the film for me. Here was a kid so sure of himself and so confident I kept kept saying to myself that I wish I had found such a friend as him. Although in the book his character development was so much intense and deep than displayed on film he moved me nonetheless. I can’t possibly reveal all the little scenes that made the book and the film so touching but I know a lot of us can find similarities between us and the characters in the book. 


Could I just steal your boyfriend?…

2 cute guys and what they like about each other

ps. I want the dark haired boy on the right!! 😉


Father of bullied son takes his own life

Dominic Crouch and his father Roger

This is just plain sad now. The father of a son who was bullied in the UK was found dead recently. Roger Crouch campaigned against bullying after his son, Dominic took his life. Dominic was 15 when he took his life. He was in the rugby team, full of life, beautiful at his age. His tormentors began bullying him after he kissed a boy during a game of spin the bottle. I can’t even imagine the pain the dad had to go through. In the end I am sure they are now reunited in heaven.



It’s time.

Arcade Fire, Judas, and Elvis Duran

My one hour drive to work has found me listening to the morning radio for the first time since those dreaded 7:45 morning college classes. Without Elvis Duran I don’t think I could find the energy or even wake up enough for the workday! Elvis, Carolina, and Danielle are the coffee to my mornings.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I fell in love with Arcade Fire. I found a band that just like Radiohead, teaches me not only how to live but also how to love. I’ve heard of them for a couple years now but after hearing their song Wake Up in Where The Wild Things Are and their new song “The Suburbs”, I found a place for them in my heart. The lyrics for Wake up are probably the most touching and beautiful I’ve heard in a while.

Judas, Lady Gaga’s new monster creation of a video just came out this week. It amazes me how after so much creative art and imagery she still finds a way to renew herself and bring out a new hit. The leather jacketed Apostles just kills me!  Can’t wait for this at the clubs!

And finally Rihanna’s new hit, “Man Down”, a song I first heard on my way out of work, is the perfect way to bring in the coming summer. The way she uses Caribbean reggae is just perfect…  A nice tropical drink, a handsome guy on your side, and songs like this playing the night away at some exotic tropical beach and I am in  heaven =)

Bang Bang I shot you dead!

“I go to church now” Gloria from Modern Family

There... I go to church now!"

I have never been much of a TV person and most shows I watch at random times just to deal with the boredom at least until I can figure something better to do with my time. Occasionally though, a show comes on that intrigues me enough to watch it more periodically like the following: Desperate Housewives (mostly to catch a glimpses of Andrew Van de Kamp and Ryan Carnes), Will and Grace (cause it was funny as hell), Third Rock from the Sun, and That 70’s show. This year though, and part of last year, I became hooked with Modern Family. At first I passed it off as another show that I would make fun of and take mental notes not to watch but after seeing Sofia Vergara’s character, Gloria, I found myself actually enjoying and laughing hysterically at the predicaments she gets herself into (some because of her thick sexy accent) and the way she gives the show life and Latin spice. In one episode, my favorite, she can’t stand the neighbor’s incessant barking dog and takes matters into her own hands.  Her husband Jay intercedes, after a confrontation with the neighbor and his suddenly missing canine, who counters by complaining about a parrot who doesn’t seem to stop squawking. The following scene inter-cuts instances where Gloria’s calls for her husband Jay seem to sound more like “YAy” or more specifically that of a parrot.  Next Jay tells a storied tale of how growing up in Colombia has left quite an impression on Gloria, because of how she “deals” with rats… “see first you smash it and then you cut the head off, I go to church now!”she says, all the while Jay follows with, “she left the head out there to send a message to the other rats.” These and multiple other scenes made me fall in love with Sofia’s character. Of course her’s is not the only family in the show. The gay couple, specifically Camron, is act by himself and Phil and Claire’s kids are a riot and give the show a point of view that most family shows never portray… That Phil and Claire are a hot mess and though they mean well, they pretty much trip all over the themselves all the while trying to be model and “cool” parents. All in all, the show is the perfect distraction, most especially when you get sick of Sammi the not so “Sweetest Bitch” and Ronnie who somehow still seem to be together in the Jersey Shore!

<iframe title=”YouTube video player” type=”text/html” width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/16yf14cFq6I&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowFullScreen>

Stunning! Sofia and her Gorgeous son for Got Milk!

Coming close to happiness…

Best way to be kissed ; )


I have been out-of-state for a while now stuck in a hotel most the day… Nothing says lonely like days spent alone in your hotel room. I tried working out in their gym and occasionally I walk over to the Borders Books store next door but other than that I am pretty much by myself. I met a guy recently and we hit it off alright at first, he has my favorite eye color: green! I can’t get enough of his eyes… they pale compared to my light brown ones. Nevertheless, we haven’t really got the chance to really click and get to know each other and being out-of-state doesn’t help. I have been single most my life but I try not to dwell in it too much. Friends are always complaining how they haven’t been with someone in a couple months… I haven’t in 2 years now…. hahahaha wow  it’s really kinda sad and funny in a way. I meet people and they totally think the opposite. Guys will think I get a lot of action and what not but the truth is I spend my days just waiting for a decent guy actually worth my time. Over the past year and a half I was talking to a guy in Columbus. It started out as a friendship, him more into me that I thought, and me not having any of it. Somehow I began to fall for this guy. I visited him the last time and felt the complete opposite of what was the beginning, him wanting not to ruin our friendship with  a relationship and me trying and failing to win him over. Karma can be a bitch sometimes. He would make us dinner at night, buy my own bottle of wine, and make me the perfect vodka tonics. Those weekends spent with him were days that i feel belong in a different time to a different me. Its been about a half a year since I have seen him. He text-ed me over the summer saying he found someone and he is no longer spending his nights alone. I can honestly say I feel happy for him, even though it stings a bit; his last kiss when I saw him last February left me with an insane desire that has yet ceased to calm itself. Every now and then I remember those nights spent sleeping together, my head in his chest, and remind myself how close I came to happiness.

My favorite sleeping position =/



So I spent the entire week of my Birthday in New York City! It was more or less my 6th time or so being there so nothing special. Did some light shopping and sightseeing. Not to mention looking out for any cute guys that might cross my way. It’s all in good fun but I felt strangely alone in such a big city. I’ve developed some new friends this summer and was hoping to spend time with them that week. Nevertheless I can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself! Some of the places I visited where amazing. One night I spent with my best friend from college who is doing an internship in the fashion district. We took a walk to the Brooklyn Bridge and took some pictures and ran into her friends who presented us with the idea of taking a trip to the liquor store for some wine. We decided on champagne after perusing all their white wines for at least 15 minutes. It was then decided that we  should go to her dorm and open the bottle there, drink some, and take the rest in a water bottle! But wow, I really haven’t been an avid wine drinker but after 3 servings we both felt buzzed enough to decide to walk down and enjoy the view of Brooklyn Heights. I can’t describe the feeling of walking through the hip neighborhood, at times hand in hand, and getting to watch from across Manhattan the Statue of Liberty, the night skyline, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Eventually we decided to walk some more and found ourselves  in a park nearby with a turf field that was actually pretty comfy to lay on. The night went by fast and next thing you know I had to make my way back to the Bronx almost sleeping past my stop.