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Father of bullied son takes his own life

Dominic Crouch and his father Roger

This is just plain sad now. The father of a son who was bullied in the UK was found dead recently. Roger Crouch campaigned against bullying after his son, Dominic took his life. Dominic was 15 when he took his life. He was in the rugby team, full of life, beautiful at his age. His tormentors began bullying him after he kissed a boy during a game of spin the bottle. I can’t even imagine the pain the dad had to go through. In the end I am sure they are now reunited in heaven.


Sexy bodies

Exoctic Beach Bod

I have been neglecting this site and I apologize. But that is what a full-time job, an off and on relationship, and the summer will do to you. But here’s something to take your mind off that ;P

Blond my fave'sBros before...

Thorgan Hazard

I haven’t been posting anything recently about Yoann Gourcuff, Ronaldo, or any players as of lately. Most in part because Yoann is having real bad season with Lyon lately and though I still have faith in him and his past season at Bordeaux I am not as obsessive as before. But… while following the French ligue, I stubled upon Eden Hazard, a player similar in form and skill. Still, it is not him that this post is about but it is his sexy young-boy-next-door brother that I have become infatuated with. Thorgan Hazard has the exact looks (dark blonde and green eyes), adorable face, and smile that I would want in a mate….

PS. Boys, wherever you are if you are reading this post and look like this call me! haha  =)

A boy can dream…

Thorgan Hazard

Just random hot pics!

Summer Days

Just got back from a soccer game and guess what? I met the cutest italian boy at a park close to my house and he invited me to play on his team lol. I was at Diamond Park, a huge soccer complex like 5 minutes away from my house, with my brothers we were the only ones there till a bunch of other guys showed up. Two of them where from Italy and the others where from Walsh University I think. This guy look like a mini Francesco Totti but way cuter and the way he was pulling his shorts up after I introduced myself made me think he was trying to get at me or something. He told me his name, Agos or something I couldn’t really catch it completely lol. He had a cute little red earing on his left ear and it looked like something my little sister would wear but cute nonetheless… (maybe I should consider getting my ears done lol) Anyways I passed him a sweet assist for our first goal and he was like ecstatic and talked with the cutest accent. I ended up scoring a goal myself and he began calling me Javier Zannetti LOL. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t get their numbers or ask if they come there often… =(
O well, I guess I’ll be going for sure there next Wednesday around 7pm or so. 😉  

He kinda looks like Davide Santon:  


Davide Santon

Inter Milan's Davide Santon

River Viiperi

Wow this model is gorgeous and sexy beyond my wildest dreams!!!!

River Viiperi is from Ibiza, Spain, he was born in August 4,1991 and has modeled for DSquared and Calvin Klein and has made appearances in V Man. According to Model.com he likes to play soccer, swimming, and martial arts… My new crush LOL


Love his legs!!!

Just add water… or milk!

Got milk?

These two pictures capture an essence of natural beauty using water “or milk” as the element of choice.Both fascinating and captivating all the while evoking a sexual message.

This is me every morning!