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What is it about a simple touch…

What is it about a simple human touch that changes everything all the while intoxicating you with high levels of happiness. What I mean by this is that the other day I met a random hot stranger who picked me to dance at a nightclub. Sure we danced and lived it up but it wasn’t till after when we were sitting at a local dinner that I actually lost it. A void began to fill up that I never noticed existed or that I might have forgotten about. By simple placing his hands on my knees while we waited for our waiter it all rushed back. The lack of affection and human touch made itself so clear to me. I live for these moments. Moments when the slightest thing, the slightest touch can give you the most joy. And maybe if even for a bit it can even make you forgot what it felt to be lonely. Moments like this never last but I try and hold on to them as long as I can and even as they fade away I know eventually I’ll come across another…

Boys kiss

Bang Bang I shot you dead!

Falling in love with Logan Lerman…

Just found out that Logan Lerman is playing D’Artagnan  in the new Three Musketeers movie due out this October. I was about 12 years old or so when I remember seen him play the role of Mel Gibson’s son in the Patriot as well as a younger version of Mel in one of my favorite movies, What Women Want and immediatly wanted to be just like him haha lame right. Logan is definitely boy next door material and seeing his gorgeous self today in a clip with Jessica Alba really made my heart melt. Yea he’s not exactly like most of the models I post on here with his slim physique and pale complexion, nevertheless, he seems like a very down to earth guy and a cute one at that.

Other Movies he’s in (some that  I should def check out!): Percy Jackson and the Olympians, My one and Only, Meet Bill, The Butterfly Effect, and 3:10 to Yuma

Logan Lerman poses for Jessica Alba in Lingerie...

Now if only he was playing for my team… Still, he is a great up and coming actor and I wish him the best. =)

Watch the clip below and see if you don’t fall off your seat laughing…. by the amount of comments, it seems like im not the only guy in love!

o and here’s another video I came across! =) wish I had just one of these moments to cherish<3


Coming close to happiness…

Best way to be kissed ; )


I have been out-of-state for a while now stuck in a hotel most the day… Nothing says lonely like days spent alone in your hotel room. I tried working out in their gym and occasionally I walk over to the Borders Books store next door but other than that I am pretty much by myself. I met a guy recently and we hit it off alright at first, he has my favorite eye color: green! I can’t get enough of his eyes… they pale compared to my light brown ones. Nevertheless, we haven’t really got the chance to really click and get to know each other and being out-of-state doesn’t help. I have been single most my life but I try not to dwell in it too much. Friends are always complaining how they haven’t been with someone in a couple months… I haven’t in 2 years now…. hahahaha wow  it’s really kinda sad and funny in a way. I meet people and they totally think the opposite. Guys will think I get a lot of action and what not but the truth is I spend my days just waiting for a decent guy actually worth my time. Over the past year and a half I was talking to a guy in Columbus. It started out as a friendship, him more into me that I thought, and me not having any of it. Somehow I began to fall for this guy. I visited him the last time and felt the complete opposite of what was the beginning, him wanting not to ruin our friendship with  a relationship and me trying and failing to win him over. Karma can be a bitch sometimes. He would make us dinner at night, buy my own bottle of wine, and make me the perfect vodka tonics. Those weekends spent with him were days that i feel belong in a different time to a different me. Its been about a half a year since I have seen him. He text-ed me over the summer saying he found someone and he is no longer spending his nights alone. I can honestly say I feel happy for him, even though it stings a bit; his last kiss when I saw him last February left me with an insane desire that has yet ceased to calm itself. Every now and then I remember those nights spent sleeping together, my head in his chest, and remind myself how close I came to happiness.

My favorite sleeping position =/