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Father of bullied son takes his own life

Dominic Crouch and his father Roger

This is just plain sad now. The father of a son who was bullied in the UK was found dead recently. Roger Crouch campaigned against bullying after his son, Dominic took his life. Dominic was 15 when he took his life. He was in the rugby team, full of life, beautiful at his age. His tormentors began bullying him after he kissed a boy during a game of spin the bottle. I can’t even imagine the pain the dad had to go through. In the end I am sure they are now reunited in heaven.



It’s time.

What is it about a simple touch…

What is it about a simple human touch that changes everything all the while intoxicating you with high levels of happiness. What I mean by this is that the other day I met a random hot stranger who picked me to dance at a nightclub. Sure we danced and lived it up but it wasn’t till after when we were sitting at a local dinner that I actually lost it. A void began to fill up that I never noticed existed or that I might have forgotten about. By simple placing his hands on my knees while we waited for our waiter it all rushed back. The lack of affection and human touch made itself so clear to me. I live for these moments. Moments when the slightest thing, the slightest touch can give you the most joy. And maybe if even for a bit it can even make you forgot what it felt to be lonely. Moments like this never last but I try and hold on to them as long as I can and even as they fade away I know eventually I’ll come across another…

Boys kiss

South African college paper publishes gay kiss…

I recently came across an article on queerty.com about a kiss that had sparked controversy in a college town in South Africa. Alright, before I say anymore the only reason the article struck me was because the link showed a picture of  two attractive individuals sharing an endearing kiss in public, something I might not have had the courage or the strength to do. Apparently the picture was taken during an annual event last month called  Soen in die Laan (Kiss in the Avenue), in a Cape Town university and was published in the local newspaper causing outcry. In any event many of the townspeople were outraged that the newspaper had the nerve to publish such a picture in their local newspaper. The photographer initially stated that he chose the picture because the true and genuine feeling of  honesty that the two people shared.   Mark Dean Brow and Bjorn Czepa , seen in the picture, became sort of role models and figures for acceptance in the college community that had seen fellow college men using the college paper as dart boards and tearing up the paper in protest. Nevertheless, an accident last week took the life of Bjorn Czepa and left the other in critical condition. It is unclear what are the circumstances but I feel at a loss for the families and friends of these two courageous individuals

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