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Arcade Fire, Judas, and Elvis Duran

My one hour drive to work has found me listening to the morning radio for the first time since those dreaded 7:45 morning college classes. Without Elvis Duran I don’t think I could find the energy or even wake up enough for the workday! Elvis, Carolina, and Danielle are the coffee to my mornings.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I fell in love with Arcade Fire. I found a band that just like Radiohead, teaches me not only how to live but also how to love. I’ve heard of them for a couple years now but after hearing their song Wake Up in Where The Wild Things Are and their new song “The Suburbs”, I found a place for them in my heart. The lyrics for Wake up are probably the most touching and beautiful I’ve heard in a while.

Judas, Lady Gaga’s new monster creation of a video just came out this week. It amazes me how after so much creative art and imagery she still finds a way to renew herself and bring out a new hit. The leather jacketed Apostles just kills me!  Can’t wait for this at the clubs!

And finally Rihanna’s new hit, “Man Down”, a song I first heard on my way out of work, is the perfect way to bring in the coming summer. The way she uses Caribbean reggae is just perfect…  A nice tropical drink, a handsome guy on your side, and songs like this playing the night away at some exotic tropical beach and I am in  heaven =)