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Perks of Being a Wallflower

ImageIt’s been a long time since I’ve gotten back on here and I regret not being able to write as often. Still, the other day I watched The Perks of Being A Wallflower and found myself wondering what had become of all those cute summer books and all those coming of age films I use to love to write about. The book itself was a wonderful little read that I borrowed from my little sister who has seemed to pick up my same habit in reading for pleasure. I know we are a bit nerdy that way but trust me sometimes a good read will enlighten you in so many surprising ways. Either way this book was so touching and sincere that when I found out Logan Lerman and Emma Watson where going to star in the film I was ecstatic. I’ve had such a longtime crush on Logan for a while now and have been collecting all his films like Meet Bill and My One and Only. Emma Watson herself has blossomed into quite an actress. Watching Charlie  played by Lerman go trough high school and feel so vulnerable and shy was something that hit close to home. Sill, I almost felt a bit of regret at not being able to enjoy my high school as much as as I could have. It all went by so fast and I went about trying hard to not be noticed and it wasn’t till college that I actually found myself. Ezra Miller, who played Patrick in the film actually stole the film for me. Here was a kid so sure of himself and so confident I kept kept saying to myself that I wish I had found such a friend as him. Although in the book his character development was so much intense and deep than displayed on film he moved me nonetheless. I can’t possibly reveal all the little scenes that made the book and the film so touching but I know a lot of us can find similarities between us and the characters in the book. 

Falling in love with Logan Lerman…

Just found out that Logan Lerman is playing D’Artagnan  in the new Three Musketeers movie due out this October. I was about 12 years old or so when I remember seen him play the role of Mel Gibson’s son in the Patriot as well as a younger version of Mel in one of my favorite movies, What Women Want and immediatly wanted to be just like him haha lame right. Logan is definitely boy next door material and seeing his gorgeous self today in a clip with Jessica Alba really made my heart melt. Yea he’s not exactly like most of the models I post on here with his slim physique and pale complexion, nevertheless, he seems like a very down to earth guy and a cute one at that.

Other Movies he’s in (some that  I should def check out!): Percy Jackson and the Olympians, My one and Only, Meet Bill, The Butterfly Effect, and 3:10 to Yuma

Logan Lerman poses for Jessica Alba in Lingerie...

Now if only he was playing for my team… Still, he is a great up and coming actor and I wish him the best. =)

Watch the clip below and see if you don’t fall off your seat laughing…. by the amount of comments, it seems like im not the only guy in love!

o and here’s another video I came across! =) wish I had just one of these moments to cherish<3