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“I go to church now” Gloria from Modern Family

There... I go to church now!"

I have never been much of a TV person and most shows I watch at random times just to deal with the boredom at least until I can figure something better to do with my time. Occasionally though, a show comes on that intrigues me enough to watch it more periodically like the following: Desperate Housewives (mostly to catch a glimpses of Andrew Van de Kamp and Ryan Carnes), Will and Grace (cause it was funny as hell), Third Rock from the Sun, and That 70’s show. This year though, and part of last year, I became hooked with Modern Family. At first I passed it off as another show that I would make fun of and take mental notes not to watch but after seeing Sofia Vergara’s character, Gloria, I found myself actually enjoying and laughing hysterically at the predicaments she gets herself into (some because of her thick sexy accent) and the way she gives the show life and Latin spice. In one episode, my favorite, she can’t stand the neighbor’s incessant barking dog and takes matters into her own hands.  Her husband Jay intercedes, after a confrontation with the neighbor and his suddenly missing canine, who counters by complaining about a parrot who doesn’t seem to stop squawking. The following scene inter-cuts instances where Gloria’s calls for her husband Jay seem to sound more like “YAy” or more specifically that of a parrot.  Next Jay tells a storied tale of how growing up in Colombia has left quite an impression on Gloria, because of how she “deals” with rats… “see first you smash it and then you cut the head off, I go to church now!”she says, all the while Jay follows with, “she left the head out there to send a message to the other rats.” These and multiple other scenes made me fall in love with Sofia’s character. Of course her’s is not the only family in the show. The gay couple, specifically Camron, is act by himself and Phil and Claire’s kids are a riot and give the show a point of view that most family shows never portray… That Phil and Claire are a hot mess and though they mean well, they pretty much trip all over the themselves all the while trying to be model and “cool” parents. All in all, the show is the perfect distraction, most especially when you get sick of Sammi the not so “Sweetest Bitch” and Ronnie who somehow still seem to be together in the Jersey Shore!

<iframe title=”YouTube video player” type=”text/html” width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/16yf14cFq6I&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowFullScreen>

Stunning! Sofia and her Gorgeous son for Got Milk!


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