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Summer for a 20 something

So summer is finally showing up and boy could it not have come at a better time. Ohio is depressing already as it is but the summer at least makes it a bit more tolerable. I know I have been neglecting the site but to my defense I have a full-time job now and a¬†sort of life. So I would like to go out on a limb here and predict the coming months. One, I will finally get that summer romance that always seems to elude me and maybe just maybe not be the only one of my friends who has pretty much never been in a serious relationship. I mean come on…! I have seen less attractive and less in shape people experience more than I’ve had in a lifetime. Two, I will get rid of the mess that is my car and finally be able to afford a better vehicle. Sure it has got me through my college years and never failed me but after an accident with a deer last week I don’t think I can handle it much longer. Finally, and overall, I hope that my career and overall life takes off and I am able to finally take hold of my life and create happiness where it seemed to be missing.

Nevertheless here are a few things that I enjoy during the summers

1. Driving through winding country roads near my house on a cool summer night with the windows open.

2. Sleeping with the fan on and minimal or sans clothing ūüėČ

3. Swimming in general and laying out in the sun

4. Going out to the club and enjoying the summer atmosphere

5. Playing soccer with friends and kicking their asses at it =P (even though they play year round and you haven’t played in like 5 months!)

6. Showing off extra skin… o wait I do that year round… but still

7. Catching sexy guys showing extra skin most everywhere you go

8. Summer vacations to the beach

9. Enjoying margaritas outside Chipotle

10. Meeting and making new friends…

Arcade Fire, Judas, and Elvis Duran

My one hour drive to work has found me listening to the morning radio for the first time since those dreaded 7:45 morning college classes. Without Elvis Duran I don’t think I could find the energy or even wake up enough for the workday! Elvis, Carolina, and Danielle are the coffee to my mornings.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I fell in love with Arcade Fire. I found a band that just like Radiohead, teaches me not only how to live but also how to love. I’ve heard of them for a couple years now but after hearing their song Wake Up in Where The Wild Things Are and their new song “The Suburbs”, I found a place for them in my heart. The lyrics for Wake up are probably the most touching and beautiful I’ve heard in a while.

Judas, Lady Gaga’s new monster creation of a video just came out this week. It amazes me how after so much creative art and imagery she still finds a way to renew herself and bring out a new hit. The leather¬†jacketed Apostles just kills me!¬†¬†Can’t wait for this at the clubs!

And finally Rihanna’s new hit, “Man Down”, a song I first heard on my way out of work, is the perfect way to bring in the coming summer. The way she uses¬†Caribbean reggae is just perfect… ¬†A nice tropical drink, a handsome guy on your side, and songs like this playing the night away at some¬†exotic¬†tropical beach and I am in ¬†heaven =)