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Sean O’pry and Jeremy Young

Sean O'pry for CK

Always loved Sean O’pry. He is rated as the number 2 male model on models.com coming second to another fave Baptiste Giabiconi, but he come off less arrogant and without the sexy male model bitch face. Who am I kidding though? They all have that same look… Nevertheless, his ads for Calvin Klein are super exotic and he has a very charming personality to go along with it.


Let’s hope there’s more of this for this Summer’s CK.  Here are some nice vids…


Baptiste Giabiconi… New single!

Baptiste Giabiconi

Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, Baptiste Giabiconi, recently posed nude for Interview magazine and released a new single for showtime. His angelic face, full lips, and god like hair have defined him and placed him in a category that most female models would dream of having. All the while he personifies a look that is the male version of Gisele Bundchen or Adriana Lima. Gracing the covers of multiple magazines, he is always side by side with uncle Karl and is his premiere male model in all his fashion shows.


Baptiste, by Karl Lagerfeld for Interview Magazine

Yoann Gourcuff, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Messi live tomorrow!


Tomorrow is an International Fifa date and there are multiple international soccer matches to tune into but I am only really interested in France vs Brazil, Portugal vs Argentina, and Germany vs Italy. First off, after the mess that was the French team in last summer’s World Cup, the new coach, Laurent Blanc has returned the blues to their winning ways. The darling of French football and my favorite player right now, Yoann Gourcuff, will have the opportunity to shine against Brazil. His form lately hasn’t been up to par with his 2009 exceptional season that saw him win the French Player of the Year award, Best goal of Ligue 1, and comparisons to the great Zinedine Zidane. Nevertheless, the kid has enormous talent and I wish him all the luck in the world for tomorrow’s match which should be more than exciting. It would more than make my day if he scores and proves all his criticts and the media wrong…


Cristiano Ronaldo will again get the chance to battle it out with his La Liga rival Messi in a match against their respective nations. Currently tied at 24 goals each they are currently the world’s best players. Real Madrid having lost miserably in their last battle is a reminder of what Ronaldo must be psyching himself up for. Personally I think both players have their strengths and weakenesses, I’m not gonna be one of those fanboys who picks one or the other and either complains that Messi isn’t a complete player, or that Ronaldo is arrogant… eghh you don’t even know how much bullshit people will comment with these two. Neways, Ronaldo and his supreme speed and technique are single-handedly keep Real Madrid alive and Messi is pretty much unstoppable especially when defenders resort to stabbing helplessly to take back possession. Should be an interesting match assuming they actually put out for their countries like they do for their clubs!

 Germany versus Italy should also be interesting in the fact that Germany was deadly this past World Cup and Italy not so much. I will definately be on the look out for what players like Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mezut Osil, Cassano, and others will bring out… Last time these two met was in Germany 2006  and Italy came out alive after 2 goals in extra time…

Tyler Kenyon

Why is it once I am sure I’ve got my favorite male model and the man of my dreams picked up I end up finding another even more gorgeous and seductive than the last…  =/ Either way I’d like to share with you the Greek god, and  ultimate figure of a man, that is….

Tyler Kenyon

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Boyfriend Material 😉

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Baptiste Giabiconi

If there ever was the perfect model in the world, the title would definately fall upon the name Baptiste Giabiconi. I have delayed blogging about him only because I wanted to find a way to really make this post shine. Baptiste is a French model from Marseilles that is currently rated the number 1 male model in  Models.com. Discovered at a local gym, Baptiste had been working as a helicopter plant and was soon picked up by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. Karl found in Giabiconi a model that was the “male version of Gisele” and who looked good with and without clothes. His features are like no other, the hair is angelic, the eyes and face are gorgeous, and his full lips complete a look that seems too perfect for nature. In the world of male modeling its hard enough to be noticed let alone so well and for a long period of time. I find Baptiste Giabiconi one of the few male models that has been able to rise to such heights.


Ryan Taylor!!!

Ryan Taylor

Wow o wow if only I had a boy like this. His lips are angelic and his eyes are so pleading. Ryan Taylor is the type of boy who would melt chocolate in sub-zero weather!

In other news I found out a cute little blog and its title pic took my breath away…=)

check it out… http://boispirit.blogspot.com/2007/11/ryan-taylor-video.html

River Viiperi

Wow this model is gorgeous and sexy beyond my wildest dreams!!!!

River Viiperi is from Ibiza, Spain, he was born in August 4,1991 and has modeled for DSquared and Calvin Klein and has made appearances in V Man. According to Model.com he likes to play soccer, swimming, and martial arts… My new crush LOL


Love his legs!!!

Supermodel Ambrose Olsen dies… age 24

How sad that someone so undoubtedly beautiful dies so young. There are rumors that say it might be ruled a suicide but they are yet to be confirmed. Ambrose Olsen was from Alaska, moved to New York and began work with Hugo Boss, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Yves Saint Laurent.  He is largely known for his appearance with Adriana Lima in Armani Exchange ads. I adore his name it’s just pretty sad to find out news about people like him… first Alexander McQueen so tragic….


Sean O’pry!!! and Mark Cox

Wow, I’ve seen his face before somewhere but I really didn’t know who he was…  a native of Georgia he was discovered on MySpace by America’s Next Top Model judge Nolé Marin… and was named by Forbes as their most successful model for 2009.

And this model is just angelic. Just imagine waking up to that face every day!!!! You would die and go to heaven!

Mark Cox

Late At Night

This evening I find myself scouring the internet in search of fresh faces and there are a few that come to mind. Somehow though, I always find myself looking at this model. Arthur Sales, an up and coming Brazilian model who seems to be living the life. Recently, he has become fortunate enough to land a photo shoot with international singer Shakira, another favorite of mine.

A She-Wolf in Paris