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Father of bullied son takes his own life

Dominic Crouch and his father Roger

This is just plain sad now. The father of a son who was bullied in the UK was found dead recently. Roger Crouch campaigned against bullying after his son, Dominic took his life. Dominic was 15 when he took his life. He was in the rugby team, full of life, beautiful at his age. His tormentors began bullying him after he kissed a boy during a game of spin the bottle. I can’t even imagine the pain the dad had to go through. In the end I am sure they are now reunited in heaven.


Lance Lundsten


Lance Ludsten

Ever since the tragic deaths of various gay teens during the latter part of last year people have become more aware of a problem ever-present in our schools and the harmless victims that succumb to it. Still, just this weekend another beautiful young teen decided to take his life just months from his high school graduation. Lance Lundsten, an 18 year senior in a Minnesota high school is now the latest victim of fellow peers  and society that somehow cannot accept the fact that we exist and find it hard to understand how words and hatred can lead others to the unimaginable. These young people, some as young as 13 and 15, had their whole lives ahead of them. It is so sad that people can’t accept others for who they are and instead turn to bullying and aggression as a way to channel their own fears. I am grateful that such things never really came to affect me during my high school years partly because I didn’t really come out till the start of college. Nevertheless, part of me feels immense amounts of sympathy and pain when I hear about these events and especially when I see the beautiful faces and pictures of individuals that could still be here with us.