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Call me by your name…

Andres Aciman’s first novel is one that took me away last summer. Away from boredom, from a depressing love life, and the dread of having for the first time in my life, summer college courses. I know what you’re thinking, though reading might not be number one on your to do lists I can assure you it was the best two weeks I spent fantasizing about living and falling in love in the Italian Riviera. Written in the most beautiful prose, the story is told in first person perspective about a boy, named Elio, who at 17 already seems wiser than his age. He spends 6 weeks falling into an uneasy but captivating attraction for a young scholar, Oliver, who is doing his post doctoral research at his parents’ house. Elio is at first apprehensive and sees Oliver as a competitor for attention and romantic interests in the small Italian village. While trying to gain Oliver as a friend, Elio is awakened to the fact that he is actually in a state of desire for the family guest. Although seemingly disturbed by his attraction, Elio knows deep inside he’d rather follow through with his desires than never take a chance.  In his struggles, he tries to find a way to open up but notices subtle mixed messages from Oliver that are confusing and threatening all in the same. At times Oliver calls on him to spend time either as his personal guide and tennis partner or accompanying him to town, and at others he puts him down in front of others and creates a rift between him and his friends. His maddening wish to have Oliver come into his room and fulfill a desire that is burning him from the core leaves him staying at home with Oliver just next door, even as his family leaves for the beach for the afternoon. Elio goes out of his way to try to win him over but is frustrated that Oliver seems to be unaffected and uninterested. At times Elio even wishes for his own death or that Oliver would die so as to extinguish a growing desire he knows is wrong. Eventually though, Elio finds the perfect moment to show his affection and expecting the worst, finds that Oliver too has been facing the same conflict. The tension felt by both characters in the next couple of days intensifies as Elio fears complete rejection from Oliver or even disgust, but  the story heats up with a passion I’ve yet to feel; one that maybe most of us wish for. Even as they find the ultimate way to realize their affection they know it’s not meant to last and find themselves wishing they had found each other earlier because know they really have just days to part. One last trip to Rome, where Oliver must depart for America, is a profound background for how to both cherish each winding moment but still find a way to let each other part.

I always find that most novels dealing with likewise themes seem to lack a unique sense of purpose and substance. This is one novel which I keep close to my heart and I hope many others choose to do the same. Although it deals with a gay coming of age theme many readers with different preconceptions will find a book, that once finished, will make you look twice at you own life. I encourage you to at least read the Amazon.com reviews and see for yourself, this book is truly a treasure worth reading.

The Vast Fields of Ordinary… a cute summer read

So I’ve just finished the cutest book ever! The Vast Fields of Ordinary is a book about Dade, a teen fresh out of an Iowan high school unsure of the future and many other things except the fact that he likes boys. He describes his experiences in high school as rather tragic and lonely with longing for a guy named Pablo who is the typical guy every girl wants, star quarterback etc, except that he’s not sure of himself either. Pablo and Dade have the most unromantic intimate relationship full of guilt and all the things that would make you leave someone yet can’t because the worse they treat you the more you can’t live without them. The story unfolds further with Dade finally able to find a real best friend, Lucy a girl from L.A., and opening up to her as he tries to make the best out of his last summer before college and his parents struggling marriage. Eventually at a party in which he leaves after being harassed by Judy, Pablo’s girlfriend and the better part of the football team, he meets a sexy and charming punk boy who will end up saving him from all troubles. Alex is everything that one might fear in another boy. He is a drug dealer, works at the shady taco shop in town, and his past is full of depressing issues. Nevertheless, Dade finds the impulse to seek him out one day and what begins can only be described as the summer romance that everyone longs for. Eventually, the summer must end and it all comes down to a final tragic moment, but it still leaves you with the satisfaction and hope for new beginnings.

I picked this book up at my library after yesterday and literally could not put it down! It was so touching and made me think about all I never really had when I was fresh out of high school. Still I find inspiration in this cute story and I hope to one day find a boy of my own… ; )

O and check out this cute blogspot LOL all I can say I hawt!!!!