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I have been neglecting this site and I apologize. But that is what a full-time job, an off and on relationship, and the summer will do to you. But here’s something to take your mind off that ;P

Blond my fave'sBros before...

Summer for a 20 something

So summer is finally showing up and boy could it not have come at a better time. Ohio is depressing already as it is but the summer at least makes it a bit more tolerable. I know I have been neglecting the site but to my defense I have a full-time job now and a sort of life. So I would like to go out on a limb here and predict the coming months. One, I will finally get that summer romance that always seems to elude me and maybe just maybe not be the only one of my friends who has pretty much never been in a serious relationship. I mean come on…! I have seen less attractive and less in shape people experience more than I’ve had in a lifetime. Two, I will get rid of the mess that is my car and finally be able to afford a better vehicle. Sure it has got me through my college years and never failed me but after an accident with a deer last week I don’t think I can handle it much longer. Finally, and overall, I hope that my career and overall life takes off and I am able to finally take hold of my life and create happiness where it seemed to be missing.

Nevertheless here are a few things that I enjoy during the summers

1. Driving through winding country roads near my house on a cool summer night with the windows open.

2. Sleeping with the fan on and minimal or sans clothing 😉

3. Swimming in general and laying out in the sun

4. Going out to the club and enjoying the summer atmosphere

5. Playing soccer with friends and kicking their asses at it =P (even though they play year round and you haven’t played in like 5 months!)

6. Showing off extra skin… o wait I do that year round… but still

7. Catching sexy guys showing extra skin most everywhere you go

8. Summer vacations to the beach

9. Enjoying margaritas outside Chipotle

10. Meeting and making new friends…

Thorgan Hazard

I haven’t been posting anything recently about Yoann Gourcuff, Ronaldo, or any players as of lately. Most in part because Yoann is having real bad season with Lyon lately and though I still have faith in him and his past season at Bordeaux I am not as obsessive as before. But… while following the French ligue, I stubled upon Eden Hazard, a player similar in form and skill. Still, it is not him that this post is about but it is his sexy young-boy-next-door brother that I have become infatuated with. Thorgan Hazard has the exact looks (dark blonde and green eyes), adorable face, and smile that I would want in a mate….

PS. Boys, wherever you are if you are reading this post and look like this call me! haha  =)

A boy can dream…

Thorgan Hazard

Just random hot pics!

Falling in love with Logan Lerman…

Just found out that Logan Lerman is playing D’Artagnan  in the new Three Musketeers movie due out this October. I was about 12 years old or so when I remember seen him play the role of Mel Gibson’s son in the Patriot as well as a younger version of Mel in one of my favorite movies, What Women Want and immediatly wanted to be just like him haha lame right. Logan is definitely boy next door material and seeing his gorgeous self today in a clip with Jessica Alba really made my heart melt. Yea he’s not exactly like most of the models I post on here with his slim physique and pale complexion, nevertheless, he seems like a very down to earth guy and a cute one at that.

Other Movies he’s in (some that  I should def check out!): Percy Jackson and the Olympians, My one and Only, Meet Bill, The Butterfly Effect, and 3:10 to Yuma

Logan Lerman poses for Jessica Alba in Lingerie...

Now if only he was playing for my team… Still, he is a great up and coming actor and I wish him the best. =)

Watch the clip below and see if you don’t fall off your seat laughing…. by the amount of comments, it seems like im not the only guy in love!

o and here’s another video I came across! =) wish I had just one of these moments to cherish<3