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Archive for December 15, 2010

Love on the rocks…

This song just does not seem to leave my head and last night I even dreamt it came on in my imaginary radio of my imaginary apartment… Now I attest to the simple fact that this never happens to me. Nevertheless, I am up early and raping the repeat button on youtube and signing way too early in the morning of this cold snowy day! I know the song has a hidden message in it can anyone tell me? Wait a clue… the title itself refers to my favorite way to have my Stoli or Belvedere. Now lets not get ahead of ourselves, clearly this isn’t your regular love song. Where else do you hear the lyrics flow like a drink being poured and give you the same feeling of numbness such as love. At the same time things start to mellow out and your back where you began…. so trajic but true! Eventually, you’ll just end up trying to get things out of your system for better or worse…. Listen for yourself and see if you don’t feel the same, although maybe it’s just me being my humble sad self… =/