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Yoann Gourcuff… victim of homophobia

Like many of you I followed the World Cup diligently and was ecstatic at seeing Yoann Gourcuff lead a french squad in the same position as Zinedine Zidane. The excitement gave way to disappointment as the French team failed to qualify and move on to the next round. The days that followed were full of speculation and rumors that the team had a falling out with the coach and having Gourcuff as the playmaker. There were accusations that Ribery had called Gourcuff a “fag” and that Yoann didn’t get along with the senior members of the team. Recent articles are confirming these accusations. Honestly, how ugly and messed up can things get? Hating on someone just cause hes different, white, attractive, and not a thug like Ribery, Evra, and Anelka is just plain wrong. There is no proof yet of whether Gourcuff is actually gay and either way it should definitely not matter; nevertheless, it is really tragic that in this day and age we still have to deal with such issues. Click on the following articles for more info…






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