A love affair with life… and the occasional interest

College… How I miss you, How im glad your over!

It’s the start of a new semester at my university and I find myself left with mixed feelings. Part of me is glad to be done with the tediousness of 20 page plus college research papers and exams. Nevertheless the day before classes this semester  started I was in the area and part of me felt kinda missing my university. I can honestly say that I found myself left out of the commotion of a new school year. Part of me began missing the feeling of walking through campus to class, meeting friends at random times, and even the free gym membership included where I spent a majority of my time the last 2 years. Facebook is not the same anymore when you’re not in college and logging in and hearing about how friends I left are trudging along worried about pending exams or the horrible parking situation is definitely bittersweet. Still there are some things I will forever remember from my days in college. Enjoying a Stromboli with my best friend during lunch only to later rush into the gym a half an hour later with a feeling of guilt and determination. Student appreciation day we went all over campus collecting free stuff and goofing around. Of the countless days on campus there were times when we would waste away an hour or two just talking and people watching; sometimes foolishly because we knew we had a test that was just around the corner or some dumb paper to scramble at the last-minute. Skipping class became a hobby for me and some of my friends. Although we weren’t religious about it like some other classmate, we did pride ourselves in finding the perfect days to skip and these sometimes included going out to BDubs for Thursday 40 cent boneless wings! Overall, the college experience led me to new friends and new  experiences that I will always remember. Everyone experience that one or multiple bad days where papers wouldnt’ print, presentations failed along with the computers, parking tickets emerged on windshields, and even the occasional missed exam. Okay, so maybe not that extreme but looking back we can laugh at the misery that befell us at the most inopportune moments. On graduation day last May, the exhilaration of finally graduation overshadowed any  sadness or regret that we would be leaving campus, our friends, and classmates; but we will keep the memories throught to us close to our hearts. 

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