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Baptiste Giabiconi

If there ever was the perfect model in the world, the title would definately fall upon the name Baptiste Giabiconi. I have delayed blogging about him only because I wanted to find a way to really make this post shine. Baptiste is a French model from Marseilles that is currently rated the number 1 male model in  Models.com. Discovered at a local gym, Baptiste had been working as a helicopter plant and was soon picked up by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. Karl found in Giabiconi a model that was the “male version of Gisele” and who looked good with and without clothes. His features are like no other, the hair is angelic, the eyes and face are gorgeous, and his full lips complete a look that seems too perfect for nature. In the world of male modeling its hard enough to be noticed let alone so well and for a long period of time. I find Baptiste Giabiconi one of the few male models that has been able to rise to such heights.



So I spent the entire week of my Birthday in New York City! It was more or less my 6th time or so being there so nothing special. Did some light shopping and sightseeing. Not to mention looking out for any cute guys that might cross my way. It’s all in good fun but I felt strangely alone in such a big city. I’ve developed some new friends this summer and was hoping to spend time with them that week. Nevertheless I can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself! Some of the places I visited where amazing. One night I spent with my best friend from college who is doing an internship in the fashion district. We took a walk to the Brooklyn Bridge and took some pictures and ran into her friends who presented us with the idea of taking a trip to the liquor store for some wine. We decided on champagne after perusing all their white wines for at least 15 minutes. It was then decided that we  should go to her dorm and open the bottle there, drink some, and take the rest in a water bottle! But wow, I really haven’t been an avid wine drinker but after 3 servings we both felt buzzed enough to decide to walk down and enjoy the view of Brooklyn Heights. I can’t describe the feeling of walking through the hip neighborhood, at times hand in hand, and getting to watch from across Manhattan the Statue of Liberty, the night skyline, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Eventually we decided to walk some more and found ourselves  in a park nearby with a turf field that was actually pretty comfy to lay on. The night went by fast and next thing you know I had to make my way back to the Bronx almost sleeping past my stop.