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Summer Days

Just got back from a soccer game and guess what? I met the cutest italian boy at a park close to my house and he invited me to play on his team lol. I was at Diamond Park, a huge soccer complex like 5 minutes away from my house, with my brothers we were the only ones there till a bunch of other guys showed up. Two of them where from Italy and the others where from Walsh University I think. This guy look like a mini Francesco Totti but way cuter and the way he was pulling his shorts up after I introduced myself made me think he was trying to get at me or something. He told me his name, Agos or something I couldn’t really catch it completely lol. He had a cute little red earing on his left ear and it looked like something my little sister would wear but cute nonetheless… (maybe I should consider getting my ears done lol) Anyways I passed him a sweet assist for our first goal and he was like ecstatic and talked with the cutest accent. I ended up scoring a goal myself and he began calling me Javier Zannetti LOL. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t get their numbers or ask if they come there often… =(
O well, I guess I’ll be going for sure there next Wednesday around 7pm or so. 😉  

He kinda looks like Davide Santon:  


Davide Santon

Inter Milan's Davide Santon

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