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World Cup’s Sexiest Players!


5 days left to the greatest/largest tournament in the world! The World Cup is coming up and I figured I would put up some cute sexy players to watch out for..  ; )     

First: Fernando Torres    

A striker and number 9 for Spain and for Liverpool, I first remember seeing him 4 years ago in the last world cup! He was gorgeous back then with his european mullet… With 3 goals in the last world cup he is bound to net a couple more. Look out for him…    


Next up: Ibrahim Afellay     

He is a midfielder for Holland/The Netherlands, and plays for PSV. He has the most gorgeous face and eyes see for yourselves:    



And now my favorite!    

Yoann Gourcuff    

I used to like A.C. Milan back when Kaka and Ronaldo were playing there and I remember seeing him playing there and immediately falling in love! This midfielder plays now for Bordeaux and won French Player of the Year in 2009. He plays internationally from France and I will definitely tune in to watch more of his games…    



French Player of the Year 2009




One response

  1. imadivaprincess

    wow! we both have the same likes… i love all these guys!!!

    June 11, 2010 at 5:48 am

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