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“Le Clan”/Three Dancing Slaves

The other night I found a beautiful rare movie while searching through youtube. “Le Clan” or Three Dancing Slaves is a movie about three brothers who live in a small working town in France and how they cope in the months after the death of their mom. Marc, the middle one, gets involved with drugs and gets into all sorts of problems. Christophe,played by Stéphane Rideau, the oldest is fresh out of jail and tries to begin a new life away from his past problems and fights the temptation to rejoin his old gang. Olivier, my favorite of the three, is almost 18 and seems to be falling in love with Hicham, a friend of the older brothers who is into capoeira. Olivier is shy and unsure of himself but develops a very close friendship with Hicham as he tries to teach him the Brazilian slave dance. Overall each brother finds a way to pull through in even the most tragic and violent ways. They are so close and devoted to each other in a way that most siblings might not necessarily be. The chemistry between Olivier and Hicham is so touching at times that it can take your breath away but this isn’t a happy love story and nor is it a “love letter”. I cried myself to sleep that night immensely touched by the two characters… One longing for the other knowing it wasn’t meant to last…

I watched this movie on the logo movie network but they edited out some parts =(… I don’t really know where to get the full version besides ebay or netflix

Director: Gaël Morel 2004

Heres the you tube video:  Olivier is gorgeous btw… just beautiful

the song is cute too a bit sad though…


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